The story behind the stories...
Maureen Barry and Anita Gleason met in 2005 when Anita agreed to create some illustrations for Miss Fairfield's Beauty Pageant. From the beginning of their work together, Anita has a unique and creative style for bringing Maureen's words to life in her illustrations. Anita's illustrations are one of a kind and they will delight you, too.

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Barn_cover The Barn at Spring Brook Farm

The Barn tells the story of how animals are trained to work with people. The animals' warmth and sensitivity will charm you.

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Pageant_cover The Fairfields Farm Beauty Pageant

This book tells the story of chickens who create a beauty pageant but it also relates to how an individual of any age is special and beautiful in his or her own way.

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Frog_cover Freddie Frog's Adventure

Freddie Frog gets bored of his home in the bog so he takes a hop. He soon meets the crocodile and learns he better get back home.

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Toots_bookcopy-1 Toots, A Seafaring Dog Tale

Toots, a cairn terrier, is born to be a digger of dirt, but one day her owners move onto their sailboat. Toots learns to adapt to her life on a boat and she develops sea legs as she becomes a seafaring dog.

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