Programs & Workshops


Programs for Schools:

Multicultural Tales
Build cultural bridges that celebrate humanity, embrace our differences and create a community.

Stories From Seven Continents
Stories can be developed around specific locations. The audience can travel around the world through stories.

Reach For The Stars
Programs are offered for all ages and topics range from self-esteem to achievement.

Artist-in Residence
Depending on the schools request a program can be developed with the children. This culminates in an assembly performance with the children for a specific audience.

Historical Tales
After researching a time period, students will bring the people to life through stories.

Underground Railroad Program

Dr. Seuss Celebrations
There are many options with Dr. Seuss. I can do an assembly or I can develop a performance with some of the students from the school.


Programs for All:

Healing Tales
These stories help to heal patients as they journey through an illness.

Peace Tales
The focus is on world peace. Communicate with each other, human rights or social justice.

Nursing Homes
In these sessions there is a choice to have seniors coached to develop their own stories or they can enjoy and be entertained by stories.

I can create an event around a specific theme.

Memoir Workshops
This workshop is designed to target a specific age group or it can be intergenerational. This workshop has been very successful as individuals research a time in their lives. Each person learns to recreate the memory and complete a memoir story.

Teacher Workshops/ In-Service
Creativity in the classroom is the main focus. The program focuses on storytelling across the curriculum and how each subject connects to tales. Teachers leave this session with lessons to implement in their classrooms.

Training Seminars
This program focuses on leadership and productivity. I can develop a program to your company's specific needs.

Here I am as Cat in the Hat saying goodbye to retiring Principal Marta Stevens.

Pricing & Contact Info

Prices: 1/2 Day: $500 Full
Day: $850 Week: $3000
Assembly: $300-500

* Prices are negotiable and I will work with your organization's budget. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Cell: 610-613-8404 Maureen
Barry 32 Devon Road
Malvern, PA 19355